Lapidus Holding

Lapidus Holding

Lapidus Holding, founded by Klaas Hummel, is a real estate company with an extensive property portfolio. The company specializes in both traditional real estate (eg. residential and commercial properties) and in non-conventional real estate, such as holiday parks and hotels.

The company is located at the famous Museumplein (Museum Square), just south of central Amsterdam. Lapidus Holding invests in several properties throughout the city, mainly focusing on the Amsterdam-Zuid (South-Amsterdam) district.

Lapidus Holding develops extensive real estate projects independently or in cooperation with partners. Aside from several properties in Amsterdam-Zuid, the portfolio of the company comprises projects in German cities such as Berlin and Frankfurt and several Center Parcs holiday parks in The Netherlands, Germany and France.

Due to comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market and an instinct for the right time to buy or sell, Lapidus Holding has witnessed many projects gaining value since its founding in the nineties. As a result, the company is an established name in the real estate industry.

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Klaas Hummel

Klaas Hummel is the founder and sole shareholder of Lapidus Holding. He has been active in the real estate industry since the late eighties.

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News (Dutch)

Vakantiewoningen Center Parcs Zandvoort in razend tempo uitverkocht

18 augustus 2019

Klaas Hummel op alle punten vrijgesproken in zaak Go Planet

4 april 2019

Klaas Hummel en Center Parcs verkopen vakantiepark Zandvoort aan particuliere en institutionele beleggers

7 maart 2018